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Home electronic systems are now no longer exclusively for the wealthy.  As technology continues to advance Smart Wiring has the potential to transform from novelty to necessity.

Whether on a champagne or beer budget Mark can design and install a system that suits your needs and fits your budget.  You can even choose to pre-wire now and add to your system as your needs and cash-flow allow.

You may be in the process of building a new home or redeveloping an existing one. Contact Mark when work is in the design or early stage of construction.  He takes into account the scope of the work, the size of the project, and any restrictions.  New construction is limitless however with a renovation there may be some things that he cannot do and can discuss and work around this with you and liaise with your architect, builder, designer or cabinet maker so that the end result matches what you are looking for.

Contact WIRED 4 SOUND for a consultation.  Mark can meet with you direct to discuss your ‘whole home’ audio visual requirements.


The most important part of any integrated system is control.  How do you want to control your smart home?  Touch screen, Apple iPad/iPhone, hand held remote control?  Everyone has got their own preference.You may only require a solution for your home cinema, fed up with half a dozen remote controls on the coffee table.  You may be looking for a fully integrated control solution with the very latest in high-tech gadgetry.  I can tailor a solution to fit your requirements and budget.Will it be easy to use?  That is the most common question I get.  The answer is YES!  I make operation as simple as it gets.  If you want to watch SKY then simply press SKY and the control system will do the rest.  Want to listen to some music?   Then navigate through your music collection on the albums page and select the one you want … It doesn’t get much simpler than that!All the pages are custom designed by me to suit your requirements.  You might want some photographs as background images, or you might want some buttons set up for common everyday tasks.  Whatever it is, I can make it happen.
I am not tied to just one manufacturer.  I can use the products that correctly suit your requirements and budget.  One thing is for sure, all products I recommend have been thoroughly tested by me to ensure they are reliable and offer you many years of enjoyment.