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Don’t confine your music just to one room.  With Multi Room Audio distribution systems you can now enjoy your music anywhere in the home and wherever you wish.  Mark can design a system to suit your requirements and budget.

Over the years you may have built up a large collection of music which is often not easily retrievable to listen to and, more often than not, you don’t bother.  With the help of technology your music collection can be stored digitally in logical order and is available to play in only a matter of seconds, in as many rooms as you like.  You control your music system from the likes of Apple iPad, iPhone or Android Tablets and in-wall touch screens … all professionally programmed by Mark for simplicity of use.  Also enjoy music streaming services from Spotify and Internet Radio.

Don’t forget your speakers!  We have a range of products to suit all tastes and interior décor; wall mounted speakers, in-ceiling or in-wall speakers and sell top quality, reliable brands that are very competitively priced and come with a lifetime warranty.


Recreate the big screen in the comfort of your own home.  If, as we do, you enjoy relaxing with family and friends watching concerts or movies, there is no better way to enhance your experience than by settling down in your very own custom designed Home Theatre room.

Mark has been designing, selling and installing Home Theatre Systems for over 20 years and, with his vast experience and knowledge, can help you transform your family room or lounge into a perfect environment for watching movies, concerts, television, or games.  He takes into account room and screen size, pricing, personal tastes and style.

The 2 main components are Audio and Visual for Home Theatre …


The AV Receiver is an important piece of your audio Visual Equipment.  Basically it takes all the source information and data and translates it into pictures and sound.  Mark can help educate you on your options and supply you with what will best suit your needs.  His after sales service will ensure that you get maximized performance and enjoyment from your new equipment.


Mark sells top quality, reliable brand LED Televisions as well as Projectors for that ‘big screen’ cinema experience but your current television may well suffice.  He supplies a good range of wall mounting brackets from flat-on-the-wall to full motion pivoting brackets.



Technology can be a feature or blend transparently into the environment so that it doesn’t detract from the flow of the design.  Mark can liaise with your architect, builder, designer, or cabinet maker to help make the end result match what you are looking for.

The trend now is to hide away all your electronic equipment e.g. Amplifier, DVD player, SKY and Freeview Receivers, into one dedicated area of your home.  This may be in your office or work station area.  The advantage of this is to hide away all of the unsightly cables.  You would then control your equipment with the aid of a touch screen, Apple iPad/iPhone or hand held remote control.  Everyone has got their own preference.  I can tailor this to make a simple solution to fit your requirements and budget.

Interior design professionals will appreciate the low-profile in-ceiling and in-wall speakers we supply which blend unobtrusively with the rooms decor.  Paintable speakers provide the designer with the freedom to match room treatments and colours.

It’s easy to create a great sounding audio system that’s easy to live with.


MOVING HOUSE?A quick phone call to WIRED 4 SOUND and we can assist in your transition.  Mark has the expertise and knowledge to careful dismantle and reinstall your audio visual equipment at your new address, taking some of the stress out of your move.